Subject: What is BLS?

Lecturer: Ali Sharahi

Ali Sharahi is an MBA graduate of Sharif University and it is 15 years He has had very successful educational businesses in the fields of MBA and other business programs. For the first time in Iran, he founded an executive MBA program in 2008 under the brand of the University of Tehran in which thousands of students have graduated. In 2017, he developed a new approach in the Lean Startup method called BLS (Bootstrapped Lean Startup) which focuses on creating new businesses without a significant initial capital using Lean Startup methodology. He is now a startup trainer and advisor using BLS method.


What is BLS?

BLS stands for Bootstrapped Lean Startup. A model for a capital-free startup that was first introduced by Ali Sharahi. Following are some brief descriptions of Lean Startup and Bootstrapping Entrepreneurship:

Lean Startup is a modern, popular and successful entrepreneurship methodology. This is the newest start-up approach in the world that Eric Ries has developed at Berkeley and then Harvard University.

Lean Startup is a system for developing a startup or product in the most possible effective way to reduce the risk of failure.

In this approach, to launch the startup and product, all product and business ideas are considered hypothetical, which should be validated by quick testing in the market. This approach is based on scientific experimentation, iterative product implementation in the market and customer feedback to achieve validated learning.

Like Lean Production procedures, Lean Startup philosophy seeks to eliminate wasteful activities and increase value-adding ones during the product-development phase, so that startups can be more successful in developing perfect products without the need for externally-investing or detailed business plans.

Comprehensiveness in product development, long-term startup designs in an uncertain or unknown market, or invalidated assumptions, are all things that entrepreneurs avoid in the Lean Startup.

Bootstrapping at startup means creating a capital-less startup or with minimal capital. Though it seems impossible, many huge businesses in the world, such as Microsoft, HP, Dell, Facebook and … have begun without initial capital.

It is a method that uses the Lean Startup method to try to facilitate bootstrapping i.e., creating a capital-less startup.

In this speech, Ali Shahahi, the BLS model provider, discusses this model.


Date: Monday –  February 11th, 2019

Time: 7.00 – 9.00 pm

Location: World on Yonge – 7191 Yonge St, Unit #706