Subject 1: Artificial Intelligence and Businesses

Lecturer: Kayvan Tirdad

Mr. Kayvan Tirdad, is a PhD Candidate in computer science department at Ryerson University. He is a researcher on brain and neurology disease detection and diagnoses with machine learning and artificial intelligence at St. Michael’s Hospital. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science on random processes of artificial neural networks from Ryerson University and Master’s degree on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing from Amir Kabir University, Tehran.

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After the discovery of the fire and the industrial revolution by human kind, it seems like the next revolution is artificial intelligence. The effect of artificial intelligence on human life would be way beyond and impactful than electricity technology. However, what is artificial intelligence? Is it possible to have an artificial intelligence as intelligent as humans? When and what kind of changes will artificial intelligence pose to our society? What are the sub-branches of artificial intelligence? What is the history of artificial intelligence? How can we use artificial intelligence in our business?

We are trying to answer these questions and a lot more about AI in this session. 

This presentation will be held in two parts. During the first part, we will provide an overview of the concepts and definitions around artificial intelligence science. Afterward we will look at the human brain from different perspectives.

Also we are covering the history of artificial intelligence and examining the fast pace of changes in this field of science. In addition, we will explain and compare different methods of learning in humans and machines.

In the second part, we are continuing our session by providing practical examples of the applicability of artificial intelligence in big corporations and small businesses. Examples such as autonomous driving cars in the field of machine vision, digital assistance systems (like Alexa or Google Assistance) in field of natural language processing, artificial intelligence usage in modern health care industries and many more will be covered. At the end we provide a road map of how we can use artificial intelligence in our business models.


Date: Monday –  December 17th, 2018

Time: 7.00 – 9.00 pm

Location: World on Yonge – 7191 Yonge St, Unit #706

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