Emad Saatlou

Project Management, Performance Management, Business Development and Financial Advisor




Persian, English, Other


I provide priceless peace of mind to my clients by ensuring all the steps of your project, from Proof of Concept to delivery, are done on time and on budget.

I am known, throughout my career as a Project Manager, Technical Team Lead and Business Developer, as the person, one can count on to provide to the executives the priceless and so much needed peace of mind of knowing that projects I am running get done on time and on budget – always.

I have built a solid track record of successfully completing telecommunication projects and providing outstanding client solutions while always running a happy team and super satisfied executives.

To achieve results, I develop unique strategies that align client needs with telecom resolutions paired with specialized human relation know-how and advanced training methodologies that prevent the pain and loss of associated with other project management techniques and always exceed expectations.

I have successfully managed projects from initiation to delivery with major clients such as Bell.

I am the author of the upcoming book “the book on performance management”.

The secret to my client’s happiness is the unparalleled results I provide by making the projects more efficient and effective. I cut cost, improve performance, and handle problems before they become painful.

My book is a new practical approach to have a performance-based organization that results in a happy and productive team that actually produce results, on time and on budget.

I look forward to having the opportunity of bringing the same sort of contributions to your business!