Subject: How to use Amazon to Empower Our Trade and Sales?

Presentation Language: Farsi

Lecturer: Peyman Sheykhghasemi

Civil engineer and first-grade professional engineer in design and execution, but he is proud of his ALBORZ high school graduation more than engineering.

Current job in Canada:
Town-house and Semi-Detached houses in Ottawa, working on 9 houses in his recent projects
Amazon Seller: There is a possibility that I stop my construction business and invest only in Amazon business.
For a couple of years, he was a supplier of intelligent traffic systems (ITS) in Iran for road ministry and municipalities, also importer of printing and advertising machinery.
He started 3 online projects besides of his sales representative position which one of them was Amazon in 2017.



A brief explanation of the Amazon business model:

Amazon has provided a system that helps products/services providers to offer their products to buyers. Amazon helps them to deliver their products to buyers and collect money. Amazon owns almost 30 percent of the products and the rest belongs to the third party sellers.

How did I start my first successful project on Amazon?

All started because of my interest and attending expensive workshops in Toronto.


What do we need to start a successful Amazon business?

Interest and love in the nature of trade, patient, computer use, operating abilities, and problem-solving.


How much we need?

I can say with less than a thousand dollars we can start this business and the interesting point is that the amount of money is not an important fact in this space.

The process for cheap or expensive of any kind of different products category is the same and the very interesting fact is: when you start this business correctly, your only challenge would be the inventory because of the high amount of sales. This is the most important challenge that almost all new starters faced too.


How Amazon is different than traditional methods and its advantages?

  • Low investment cost
  • 300 million buyers
  • No need to employee, storage, shipping and accounting services.
  • 24/7 warehousing, customer services, accounting, and sales services.


Date: Monday –  May 27th, 2019

Time: 6.30 – 8.30 pm

Location: North York Centre, 5100 Yong St, North York, ON M2N 5V7  –  Room# 2